Here's some of my music...

  • Vapor Trails (MP3, 5.5 MB)
    This atmospheric piece was done with the EX5 (piano), G2X (strings) and V-Synth (sound fx plus final solo sound).
  • Mellogroove (MP3, 9.5 MB)
    This track consists of two improvised sections that I've put together and edited slightly to make the parts flow together. You can hear Virus (bass sequence), G2 (background strings, bells), Creamware MiniMax (squeeks, solo synth), FS1R (choir-string), XV5080 (Mellotron strings and flute)
  • The Well in the Cave (MP3, 4 MB)
    This is a short improvisation I put together with two patches I made myself on the Clavia G2
  • Test 30 (MP3, 2.5 MB)
    Test-30 (Yes, I really got a knack for catchy names) is a reworking/extension of something I wrote six years ago. I'd originally sequenced the main bits in Cubase VST, but unfortunately the project got corrupted and I had to redo everything. This version currently features only the first few minutes, the final version will be at least twice as long I suspect and will probably contain a long sequenced section with a combined mellotron flute/minimoog solo plus a quiet section (both of which aren't finished yetp). It will also be properly mixed, I promise!
    The instruments used so far are: XV-5080 (mellotron, twinkling bells), MiniMax (bass drone, squeeks), Clavia G2 (brass), MachineDrum, Virus C (sequencer bass), D-50 (lead synth) plus two VST soft synths.
  • Animah (Sequencer 10) MP3, 7.5MB)
    Featuring Virus C (sequencer sounds), Andromeda (synth bass, wind effect), MachineDrum (what do you think?), XV-5080 (Mellotron choir) and Clavia G2 (solo synth)
  • Back to Sleep (MP3, 3.5 MB)
    I was playing my favorite piano patch on my trusty EX5 and came up with something I liked enough to record for both this site and posterity. This is a mostly a piano improvisation enhanced with a smattering of Mellotron and Virus sounds.
  • Soft Piano (MP3, 2 MB)
    And now for something completely different: a piano improvisation. Don't ask me to play this again, because I find it really tough to figure out my improvs! Apologies for the bad sound and the background hiss.
  • Voyager (Sequencer 6) (MP3, 6.5 MB)
    I'd already posted a short work-in-progress version of this song, this is the most recent version with lots more happening and a couple of nice synth solos. The first version was a bit like Jean Michel Jarre because of the Minipops-samples and the storm-sound effect, but I have no idea what to call the finished version, etc. Maybe that means I'm original? This version has been significantly changed based on suggestions on the Fin-forum. Featuring Virus C (bass, twinkles, lead synth), XV-5080 (Minipop-samples, Mellotron choir, Mellotron flute), D-50 (lead synth), EX-5 (lead synth).

And this is what my recording environment currently looks like ...

My current hardware setup consists of:

  • PC (Intel Core 2 Duo 3 Ghz, 2 GB RAM) with 30" LCD screen
  • Steinberg Cubase 4
  • Creamware Pulsar II card and Creamware Pulsar I card (10 DSPs total) plus a number of plugins (MiniMax, Modular III, STS4000, ProTone)
  • Yamaha 01V digital mixer with 8-channel ADAT card
  • Behringer Ultragain Pro-8 Digital ADA8000
  • Behringer BCR-2000
  • Midiman Midisport 8x8 midi interface
  • Roland D-50 with expansion card and PG-1000 programmer
  • Access Virus Desktop TI
  • Yamaha FS1R
  • Yamaha EX-5 with SCSI and breath controller
  • Roland XV-5080 plus expansion boards (SR-JV80-04, SRX-01, SRX-02 and SRX-05)
  • Clavia Nord Modular G2X
  • Roland V-Synth plus D-50 and Vocal-expansion cards
  • Elektron MachineDrum UW
  • Electro Harmonix SmallStone Phaser
  • Line 6 Pod 2.0
  • Ibanez electric guitar
  • Rode NT-1 microphone
  • Plus of course cables ... lots and lots of cables ...

I've put all  of my 19"-hardware in a rack  ... The latest addition to my synth collection is the Access Virus Desktop TI synth module. The Virus C was my favorite synth of all and I hope that the Virus TI will be even more fun to use. The TI is very powerful, but also very finicky in use with a computer.

Then there's the Clavia G2X and the Yamaha EX5.

The Roland V-Synth replaced the Alesis Andromeda. The A6 was a great looking, powerful machine but I never really warmed to it because of the finicky user interface, the steep learning curve and it's less than clean sound. I bet all the analog addicts think I'm mad for trading it, but I think it's better to have a synth you actually use than one that is collecting dust.

Last update: 2 April 2007 - 22:50